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Lady Heather's Complaint

Lady Heather
(Melinda Clarke)

Lady Heather  was a character in the long running show CSI. She started out has a Dominatrix running a (legal) brothel in Nevada and ended up becoming a therapist. In the show she had various run ins with the regulars especially  head honcho Grissom.
John Galt is a character, Messiah, in that door stop of a novel Atlas Shrugged, written by Ayn Rand. The character is one of the ultimate Mary Sue creations aside from being one dimensional.
I thought it might be fun to have the two characters meet.1
Lady Heather – Mr. Galt you were sent to me because it appears that you have serious psycho-sexual issues relating to domination and control along with serious issues of uncontrolled sadistic lust.
John Galt – You can call me John.
Lady Heather – Well John what do you have to say about this?
Galt – I don’t know why they think I would benefit from any sort of sex therapy all I want is the triumph of rationality over irrationality. What does that have to do with sex?
Lady Heather – Well for one thing Freud did have it right in that virtually anything could be sexualized. So what do you mean by “rationality”?
John Galt – I saw the air quotes! “Rationality” isn’t so-called it is beyond personal taste and always the same for everyone.
Lady Heather – What you’ve just uttered is a common mistake of philosophical dilettantes. Who just assume that their particular interests are “rational” along with their satisfactions. This forgets that whether or not something is satisfying is very much a matter of taste and is in the end not “rational”.
John Galt – What I want is rational and that is that!
Lady Heather – Having worked as a Dominatrix and a now as a Therapist I can tell you that the Sadists and Masochists I work with can be highly “rational” about their desires etc., and I myself see the "logic" and “rationality” involved. People like you will of course reject the “rationality” of these needs etc., on the grounds that it is “irrational”.
But then like so many you do not seem to understand that “rationality” is basically, like logic, a thought process and not a goal or series of goals because in the end the goals are not rational and cannot be so.
Let me ask you a question John. Do you believe that accumulating possessions and / or producing “stuff” is generally a good thing or that say writing a novel etc., is a good thing if it produces satisfaction?
John Galt – Well of course they are unlike being whipped or dominating someone. Yuck!
Lady Heather – The fact that you find Sadism and Masochism personally disgusting only shows that you find them disgusting. The fact is people find them personally satisfying and pleasurable. Your disgust doesn’t make it “irrational” or at least anymore irrational than accumulating stuff. A Monk would view such personal accumulation as ‘irrational” and foolish, because his sense of what is satisfying personally is different.
John Galt – Getting more “stuff”, as you put it, is rational by definition.
Lady Heather – I see. Well let’s move on. It says in the report that you have serious issues involving wanting to dominate others.
John Galt – I don’t want to dominate others I just want everyone to be rational like me.
Lady Heather – Listen I have no problem with people dominating each other at least in a sexual situation so long as it is sane, and consensual. But what do you mean by “rational like me”? Do you mean they should rationally set out how to satisfy their needs and goals?
John Galt – No! No! No!! Everybody should be just like me!!! That will be perfect rationality.
Lady Heather – So instead of everyone pursuing different goals, satisfactions etc., rationally it will be everybody pursuing the same “rational” goals and satisfactions the same way.
John Galt – There you go with the air quotes again. But yes that is exactly right and that way everybody who counts will be free by being just like me!
Lady Heather – What do you mean by “everyone who counts”?
John Galt – Rational human beings who can only be just like me.
Lady Heather – So what are those who are not “just like me”?
John Galt – You do love the air quotes. I get the impression you don’t take me seriously. Well those who aren’t properly rational like me just don’t count.
Lady Heather – I’m finding this very disturbing, but let’s leave it for now. So what you are saying is that there is only one proper way for humans to be human?
John Galt – Bingo!
Lady Heather – But that is obviously false and pardon the expression “irrational”. So you think everyone should be like you?
John Galt. No I don’t think everyone should be like me.
Lady Heather – Whew!!
John Galt – Only Rational people should be like me.
Lady Heather – Ugh! And everyone else?
John Galt – Since not everyone is rational, everyone cannot be like me. And those who cannot be rational don’t count. In fact every “rational” person should be like me!
Lady Heather – We will get back to the “don’t count” stuff later, but I noticed you said “should”. That seems to express a desire to control.
John Galt – I don’t want even rational men to be forced to be like me I just think that in order to be rational they should be like me. And I should also make every effort to ensure they are like me.
Lady Heather – you seem to have a rather constipated view of how control can be exercised; it can be by persuasion. But to move on. Do you think that “rational” men should be in control?
John Galt – Well yes although it isn’t in control it just that rational men will be calling the shots, and everyone who counts will agree with them.
Lady Heather – So in other words “rational” men will agree with what you being a truly “rational” man will want and desire? Isn’t that clearly a desire to control others?
John Galt – I really hate those air quotes. Stop it! What I want is for everyone to accept my hard perfect rationality inside their open, rational minds and thus creating many, many explosions of rational thought which doesn’t mean I want to dominate anyone and certainly despite your insinuations earlier has no sexual aspect to it.
Lady Heather – “Explosions of rational thought”!! What the…. It’s been a while hasn’t it?
John Galt – I don’t know what your getting at. I’am just trying to explain that I’m not blowing it in terms of rationality.
Lady Heather – It’s pretty obvious you want to blow something.
John Galt – Sex! Sex! And sex!!! Is that all you think about?
Lady Heather – Actually no. When I said earlier that virtually everything can be sexualized I didn’t mean everything was sex but that everything can be, in part at least, sex. Sometimes things are not sex. It is clear that the desire to dominate, control and change others often does have a sexual component and realising that is very important in terms of self-knowledge and personal development. Hiding it or denying it is self-deception and inauthentic and potentially quite damaging to oneself and others.
John Galt – Well what you just said denies that I am rational! You must hate life!!
Lady Heather - Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I hate life. It means I disagree with you.
John Galt – Yes it does!! You hate life! All those who disagree with me hate life!!
Lady Heather – To get back to an earlier issue what about those who are not “rational”? What happens to them?
John Galt – Nothing. They are ignored and everything is done to make sure they don’t interfere with rational people.
Lady Heather – How do you make sure they don’t interfere?
John Galt – by taking away their ability to interfere. They will not in the slightest be able to, by any means, affect the lives of rational people. Thus the state, etc., will be controlled by us rational people and not by irrational people and every effort made to insure that it remains that way. After all those who don’t count should not be able to affect those that do count.
Lady Heather – What about consent. Shouldn’t those who are it appears to me controlled by others consent to such an arrangement?
John Galt – They don’t count, their opinions, desires etc., are irrelevant. Their wants are nothing. Their consent irrelevant!
Lady Heather – Your telling a former Dominatrix that consent is irrelevant? You should know that in a Master Slave relationship and in a BDSM scene it is the Slave who is in control and who sets limits. Consent most definitely matters. What your talking about is the fantasy of total domination in which the wishes of others don’t matter. Anyone who has such fantasies of domination in terms of a sexual / erotic encounter would be well advised to be very careful about getting involved in this area of fetish. They obviously have serious issues and could do a great deal of harm.
Most of the Sadists I worked with and in fact myself when I was a Dominatrix got pleasure etc., from giving the submissive pleasure not just from the act of domination / sadism. In fact a problem I have had to deal with is Sadists who went, inadvertently, too far and freak out because they did so. Actually hurting someone has against the ritual, play-acting harm they were doing, is profoundly unsettling to most of the Sadists I’ve dealt with; to say nothing of the harm to the submissive. If they don’t have a problem with really hurting someone they should not be involved in this period. In fact it is this possibility of inadvertent harm that is worth being kept in mind by anyone getting into this area.
But what you are saying is that certain people have no right to oppose the will of others; that there is no safe word; that they don’t count. That they can be dominated and controlled by those who by a “rational” right to dominate; who can do has they please with them. That they are mere obstacles.
John Galt – God I hate those air quotes. Your being unfair. Keeping people down is not control if it is done by the right rational people.
Lady Heather – Well it seems to me that you have more or less admitted that you are engaged in a fantasy of total domination over mankind with lots of mankind just being there has garbage that can be treated in any old fashion, to satisfy a lust to dominate and control.
John Galt – No! No! No!!! It is all so rational.
Lady Heather – Further I suggest that this lust for domination and control, along with your quite inordinate sense of superiority, hides a deep seated desire to Masochistically submit. Which is something I find frequently in overt Sadists who seem to be entirely self-satisfaction centred and who respect no limits. They project onto others the desire / need to submit.
John Galt – Your wrong!!
Lady Heather – I am going to break a rule of mine and suggest a few sessions of BDSM with me. Don’t worry I will be very careful but I suspect it will get a lot of the crap inside your head out.
John Galt – I’m leaving! Bitch!!
Lady Heather – You will be back and in two weeks. Your type always is.
John Galt – In your dreams!
Lady Heather – Before you go may I suggest a safe word, or in this case phrase, “Who is John Galt?”

Ayn Rand

1. I originally posted this mock conversation at Daylight Atheism, Here. I have also discussed Ayn Rand before see Here.

Pierre Cloutier

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