Monday, October 29, 2012

What If?
A comment on a What If? Nazis winning Scenario

German Tiger Tank in the Snow

The game of what if? is a popular one. In a forum at I read a possible scenario about Hitler winning World War I. Here is that post and my comments on this idea.1 The post I am replying to is indented. My remarks are un-indented. The comments are has I wrote them aside from a conclusion and added references.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Finding Odin

The God Odin

In several postings I have reffered to the works of Thor Heyerdahl and in particular I mentioned that he shortly before he died (2002) he published two books about his hunt for the “real” Odin.1 I also mentioned a devastating review that was published in 2002 shortly after his death, concerning Thor Heyerdahl’s efforts in this area. The review was originally published in Norwegian, but a English translation of the piece was put on the web. Sadly it appears that it is no longer obtainable on the web. I have therefore decided to post the piece in its entirety.

In a previous posting I quoted an author who said concerning Thor Heyerdahl:
Rather than classifying him [Thor Heyerdahl] as a pseudo historian it would be more fair and accurate to call him a careful scholar who sincerely holds some highly speculative hypotheses that are widely viewed as wrong.2
The idea that Thor Heyerdahl can be described as a "careful scholar" is actually quite risible as the following will show in abundance.
(In this piece my stuff is in italics, the rest in regular script)