Sunday, September 12, 2010

We’re all Quentin Tarantino’s Toilet

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Once again my hatred and contempt for Quentin Tarantino. is amply confirmed. Once again Quentin Tarantino. plants his ass over the mouth of the movie going public and evacuates his bowels and empties his bladder into that mouth. Of course as per usual most of the movie going public finds Quentin Tarantino's shit and piss the rarest of rare treats, tasting like caviar and truffles with a really expensive bottle of champagne to wash it down.

As per usual the script has people talking like severely retarded morons / aliens. The number of pop-cultural references is both legion and boring. Quentin Tarantino as per usual takes the opportunity to "quote" a myriad of much better films, while patting himself on the back about how clever he is. No doubt Quentin Tarantino is now quite spent; having once again creamed himself many, many times.

As per usual the film is a totally empty confection with zero substance. The acting is as per usual the sock puppet, wooden, I'm so totally bored, we've come to expect in a Quentin Tarantino effort / abomination.

Brad Pitt once again cements his status as this generation’s Tony Curtis; his acting non-ability is as per usual quite breathtaking. Like Tony Curtis he should thank his good looks and sheer dumb luck, certainly not any acting ability. His performance here ranks even lower than his pathetic / risible turn in Troy. (I recommend seeing Troy if only to see Brad Pitt and Peter O'Toole act in the same scene, Peter is so good and Brad so bad that Peter literally annihilates Brad)

As per usual the good look of a Quentin Tarantino film is simply to polish a really ripe turd.

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