Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winter / Spring Blahs

Well Winter is over, officially that is, and has Winter’s go this one was very much a mouse. I shovelled very little and there was only one storm even remotely deserving the name blizzard.

Its been about a week since my last posting and I have really not found anything to excite my interest since then. I’ve been spending my time contemplating the sheer boredom of existence.

Voltaire said that the three terrors of existence were vice, crime and the worst of the lot BOREDOM!1 Certainly I can vouch for boredom being a truly suffocating entity.

What does this have to do with the Winter / Spring blahs? Well it simply is that this time of year as an inescapable quality of ennui and boredom. Just looking outside, the ground is brown, the trees are dead looking its either cold or cold and wet and everything looks like a corpse. It is depressing.

Just what does one do this time of year to alleviate the inexpressible boredom of this time of year? Soon is going to come that fuzzy feeling known as Spring Fever, that dazed feeling you get as the weather warms up and you begin to adjust to not being cooped up inside and to the increase in the amount of light streaming down each day.

So this period of mind numbing boredom is simply a prelude life bursting out all over. The grass will turn green, flowers will bloom, the trees will leaf, the air will warm up. The long death of Winter will end and the resurrection known as Spring will come.

It can’t come too soon for me.

1. Voltaire said it in Candide.

Pierre Cloutier

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